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What a joy!!!!

Lue Sun ·

My dog loves to jump the fence and not the normal way that dogs jump the fence, he waits until you are looking at him, runs, and then "smiles" at you on the other side. So I installed this electric fence. Simple, one wire to the fence itself and the other wire running along the fence.

You do not know the joy I got when he looked at me, bolted to the fence, and got the shock of his life, literally. At this point, I am sitting on the ground laughing my butt off. He goes 50 ft. down and tries it again and screams as if somebody shot him with a bb-gun. Now I am rolling in the cold snow my stomach hurting because he is looking at me with a face of "WTF dude?". So he tries it a 3rd time, almost peed my pants. From there on I knew that I did not have to worry about him jumping anymore and for sure, it has been a week and he has not even gotten close to the fence. Thank you soooo much. And for those that think that this is cruel, first, yes, I did try it on myself. Second, I tried other methods such as training, different collars, and making the fence higher (that he climbs). None worked for this dog. and if you think that this is still cruel, I just spent thousands of dollars on vet bills because he got hit by a car and almost died.

So I will do anything to keep him safe even if it takes a couple of shocks to keep him in my yard.

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