Our Story

We grew up in the small town of St. Jacobs in Ontario. Most of our memories are of the resilience of farmers who refused to count their losses despite the worsening farming conditions. Many of them were not big farmers, and the increasing prices of seeds, fertilizer, tools, and farming equipment make it harder for them to gain more than they lose.   

Thinking back to those days, it still feels like farming is a secret cult, and farmers couldn't quit just because the odds were against them. They stayed faithful to their occupation. Perhaps because of the awe of watching a town sleep at night, knowing they have food in their bellies because they didn't give up. Or maybe it was for the more mundane reason of feeding their families. Whatever was the case, they stayed faithful. And AgriOtter was born! This faithfulness inspired us to find lasting solutions to the challenges of these farmers.

Since we started the brand in 2019, our primary obsession has been to determine how we can ease the suffering of farmers with innovative products that address their particular challenges. The AgriOtter 2 in 1 electric fence energizer is one of our attempts to introduce a versatile solution for solving the problem of taming livestock. This problem is one which the conventional barbed wire fences and single-power option electric fences have not solved efficiently. We regard the product as versatile because it combines mains and battery power options into one energizer to improve electric fencing.

Currently, we receive a ton of emails from farmers testifying how our electric fence energizer brilliantly solves their electric fence problems. While they seem satisfied, we have plans to improve their convenience further by adding a solar power option to the product, AgriOtter 3 in 1.

We have no doubts that AgriOtter is a brand painting the future of farming in bright colors. With the growing population and the consequent demand for food, we are working hard on new products to address other challenges farmers face. At AgriOtter, we hope to make this impact one product at a time.

Finally, it would be our pleasure to respond to any inquiries you might have concerning our products and brand.